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Born from their hearts demonstration


   Adoptive-waiting foster parents to provide perspective on parenting change, when the original process, the adoptive parents begin became foster parents. 

   My child only borrowed is heart breaking story of a young mother's experience with violence. Mother's strong premonition to see her son again, seeing the story in touch mystical events.  

   Newspaper a notice of new parents will tell the story of adoption in the 1960s, when in our country, the adoptive parents were able to obtain a newspaper through a notification.

   Towards its own vision of life is an adult adoptees description of her own adoption during growth and adulthood.  

   Lone Ethiopia familiarises us Salla, a woman who has set up a family alone. Salla, Ella and Samuel tell in Salla’s diary about Kolkku, the family's third child's expectations.

   In Ella’s book Salla’s first-born images of her own "biography" coming to Finland's mother's house.

   My daughter from the world will tell the world of single mother's desire to own family.

   Artist from Ethiopia gives the floor to a strong, creative and independent young woman.

   Towards adoptive parenthood is about the mother and the father for who was not important the genetic heritage, but the love for their children.

   After the grief to the happy familie with children involves a description of a biological first-born loss and eventually a happy life with children.

   Of our dreams big family
composed of both biological and adoptive children and adoption perspective highlighting with the family youngest.

   Ethiopian and the Finnish images of a young woman's life between two cultures and two parents of cross fire.

   From quick wedding to adoptive parenthood brings parents desired a second child, whose purposes wedding was held fast.

   Support for Children through the surrogate and the adoptive parents will compare surrogate and adoptive parenting, and ultimately the parents receive a much-needed their own child. 

   Tripla longer in Colombia describes sisteres and brothers adoption parents, after which the family completed the evening with an evening star from Ethiopia.

   Dark hairs and a blonde, the story of the parents encouraged their part throughout the transparency of related adoptions.

   Not the best of luck without an accident in India will provide the story of brother and a sister, and describes the lives of special children. Easy experienced a brother and  a sister, parents will also be leaving for another adoption process.

   Cute Mao Tse-Tung contributing mother comes unexpectedly, before the child's travel search so called sole applicant, thereby creating fear throuhg adoption process and at the end, to have a child.

   Sunny pupil  from China will make parents happy post-adoption service after easy experienced adoption of their daughter.

   Love for the other children is the story a family with many children and finally adoption from China.

   Wild boy from Thailand enliven of waiting eleven years after the parents' life fully and to restore his mother's dream to the surface.

   Asian adoptive families biological infertility should not be this surprised the couple and the birth of children's culture is already part of the family's life.

   Adoptions flash family children came fast to their family, a rate of domestic adoption and through Philippines.


   Lotus child: artistic and fictional description of the international adoption process.
Factor Outi Huuskonen.

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