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Who am I?

I am 36-year-old teacher’s assistant. I live with my family, which includes Icelandic sheep dogs Rose and Nuppu, Shetland sheepdog Kristal and a cat Fani.

I am the domestic adoption and adoption in the Save the Children Federation, when I was 4,5 months of age. I was born in Kemi 27.1.1973 prematurely. I should have been born in April. A week later I was in medical opinion, already prepared a large world, and I was placed in the town of Kemi home for children. In June 1973 I was placed in the adoptive parents in Pattijoki and, in these same areas I have lived most of my life and I live on.

Nearly thirteen years ago my life completely turned it’s direction, when the biological family search and found me. After my biological father's death, my biological aunt began the search which led to the events. I finally got siblings on my life, as an only child I always wanted sisters and brothers to be in my life. I feel that as an adopted I live a very rich life and I now won’t switch off my life for anything, though I was so abused at school so many years because of my adoption and I had every single day want to be someone other than myself. Today is not bad to be just me;) I am happy just being me!

At the moment, I work with my own life story as an adopted. Publication is that the time is right and hopefully in this year 2009.

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